posted 5th Jun 2016, 2:14 PM

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5th Jun 2016, 2:14 PM


Sorry for the late upload. I thought I had pre loaded it earlier in the week.

I just noticed that I forgot to include the water jugs she looped into her backpack straps. I'll have to go back and fix that soon.

Have a great week y'all.

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5th Jun 2016, 2:31 PM


Eeeeeeeeeee... I wanna pet Marcus too <3

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13th Jun 2016, 9:15 AM


I should really design and print a Marcus statue.

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6th Jun 2016, 6:04 AM


Try eating Marcus!
Lizard burgers!

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13th Jun 2016, 9:14 AM


Probably tastes like chicken if well prepared.

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6th Jun 2016, 10:58 PM


Her imaginary iguana is probably a better friend to her than her real life ones ever were.
Screw it!
I want an imaginary iguana too!!!

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13th Jun 2016, 9:18 AM


Haha. You're probably right on that one. Marcus would angrily point out that he's a Gila monster, not an iguana. I can almost hear it in my head. But yeah, that would be awesome!

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